Our Roots

Dan with his Dwarf Tomatoes….


Hi! We’re the team at Seeds of Plenty. We’re passionate plantsmen and women dedicated to bringing you the quality seeds and information you need to grow healthy, unusual, and inspiring garden produce.

Why Seeds of Plenty?

We believe that gardening is for everyone!

  • It’s about fun
  • It’s about sharing
  • It’s about healthy food
  • It’s about you

You don’t need lots of space, lots of money, or secret knowledge. We hope that we can inspire people to garden, and nothing is more rewarding than hearing your success stories or getting photos of your bumper harvest.

Seeds of Plenty isn’t just about us. Since 2010, we’ve served a community of over 50,000 happy customers in Australia and around the world.

It’s also about the plants. Diversity is at the heart of plenty, and with nearly 800 different varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seeds on offer, we believe that our range will have something special for everyone.

How it All Began

More than two decades ago, our founder, Dan stumbled on his first really good seed catalogue and discovered the wonderful world of heirloom vegetable and flower seeds.

“Before then, my world was all red tomatoes and orange carrots and I had no idea what amazing plants were available to grow in your own backyard. After I tasted my first home grown tomato that was it.”

From then on, Dan’s gardening horizons just kept expanding: interesting vegetables, beautiful flowers, compact vegetable varieties for growing in tight spaces, heirlooms, fabulous flavours – but there was more:

“As a mental health worker, I was able to bring gardening into my workplace and saw its amazing therapeutic benefits first hand. But I also saw how many people don’t garden because they lack the information they need. What if I could inspire even more people to garden and set them up for harvest success?”

Seeds of Plenty was born.

Putting Our Supplier Network to Work for You

Tracking down all the best plant varieties is easier said than done. In the course of our adventures, we found that there was always something really special that we simply had to find and add to our selection.

In the process, we’ve discovered incredible plants, dedicated suppliers of fresh, high-quality seed, organic seed producers who do things in harmony in nature, and the incredible people who preserve, propagate and distribute some of the world’s most amazing heritage treasures.

We want to share that worldwide network with you through Seeds of Plenty.

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