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Dan's Garden Blog

Dan's Garden

Welcome to Dan’s Garden

Hi Everyone, and welcome to the first Seeds of Plenty garden blog. My name is Dan and I am the founder, owner and main worker at Seeds of Plenty.  This first blog entry is a little late but I hope you can understand that my best laid plans got railroaded this year. So better late than never. We are a
Urban Farm Plot

Urban Farming in Australia – Good for the Environment and For You

With the Coronavirus outbreak making world headlines, there’s widespread anxiety about food security. A lot of people are suddenly thinking about self-sufficiency, or as close as they can get to it. And that means growing one’s own food. While many experts believe that the virus will “burn out,” the world is learning a lot of lessons about how fragile the
Grow Radishes in Australia

Grow Radishes in Australia: 5 Fun Facts

Whether you’re already an avid veggie gardener or are taking your first tentative steps towards growing your own veg, radishes are a must-have for your containers or garden veg beds. Some of the facts about radishes that we’re going to share with you might be things you already knew, but we’re ready to bet there will be at least one
What Carrots Are Worth Growing

What Carrots Are Worth Growing?

If you thought that carrots were just carrots, big ones for soup and baby ones as a side, you’ve obviously been meeting with the wrong kind of carrots! In this post, we’ll introduce you to a few very popular varieties and the weird and wonderful world of exciting carrot varieties you’ll only get if you grow at home. So I’ll

Dan’s Garden update – Part 2

Hi Everyone Welcome to the second edition of Dan’s Garden where I talk about what is happening at the Seeds of Plenty gardens. Today I wanted to follow on from the last edition and bring you up to date with what’s happened in the garden over the last 6 months. The Harvest In the last blog edition, I spoke about

How to Grow Asparagus From Seed in Australia

It’s what veggie gardeners dream of – and quite easily achieve: fresh, home-grown asparagus spears that would cost you a bomb in the shops, free to eat and enjoy every single spring! But as so many of you have asked, how does one grow Asparagus from seed in Australia? For that matter, why even grow from seed if you can
seed starting

The Right Soil for Seed Starting – a Basic Guide to Success

Do you want to miss out on the learning curve and speed through to seed starting success? Using the right soil for seed starting is a great place to start! Just to avoid confusion, we’ll distinguish between starting seeds in the ground as opposed to starting seed in containers, and we’ll cover both these topics in one quick, easy-to-grasp article. 
Benefits of a Herb Garden in Australia

Benefits of A Herb Garden in Australia

There’s just something magical-seeming about having your own herb garden. And Australians aren’t immune. But is herb gardening really practical? Let’s look at the benefits and practicalities of having your own herb garden – and what it takes to achieve this. The bottom line? Herb gardening is among the easiest and most useful hobbies – even if all you have