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    Dan Ross
    Hi Everyone Welcome to the second edition of Dan’s Garden where I talk about what is happening at the Seeds of Plenty gardens. Today I wanted to follow on from the last edition and bring you up to date with
  • Hayley Clinch
    It’s what veggie gardeners dream of – and quite easily achieve: fresh, home-grown asparagus spears that would cost you a bomb in the shops, free to eat and enjoy every single spring! But as so many of you have asked,
  • CARROT - Rainbow Mix - Daucus carota
    Dan Ross
    If you thought that carrots were just carrots, big ones for soup and baby ones as a side, you’ve obviously been meeting with the wrong kind of carrots! In this post, we’ll introduce you to a few very popular varieties
  • Radishes
    Dan Ross
    Whether you’re already an avid veggie gardener or are taking your first tentative steps towards growing your own veg, radishes are a must-have for your containers or garden veg beds. Some of the facts about radishes that we’re going to
  • Urban Farm Plot
    Dan Ross
    With the Coronavirus outbreak making world headlines, there’s widespread anxiety about food security. A lot of people are suddenly thinking about self-sufficiency, or as close as they can get to it. And that means growing one’s own food. While many
  • Dan's Garden
    Dan Ross
    Hi Everyone, and welcome to the first Seeds of Plenty garden blog. My name is Dan and I am the founder, owner and main worker at Seeds of Plenty.  This first blog entry is a little late but I hope