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Easy to Grow Veg for The Purple Thumb

SILVERBEET - Ruby Red - Beta vulgaris var. cicla

Gardening is an art that often seems to be shrouded in mystery – especially when we hear about the need for “green fingers,” a mysterious virtue that makes some people master-gardeners. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a green thumb. Gardening success is about knowing what plants want and giving it to them. …

Growing Tomatoes in Australia: Plus Some Unusual Varieties to Try


Growing tomatoes in Australia is easy and rewarding. As we continue to explore and try some of the less usual varieties, we’re discovering that they’re a lot more fun than we ever realized. We look at some tomato growing basics – and the varieties you’ll only get if you start growing at home. Growing Tomatoes …

5 Natural Pest Control Strategies to Try This Spring

orange and black snail on green mango fruit

The pleasure of growing and harvesting your own veg and growing your own flowers cost-effectively are probably the primary reasons why you’re growing plants from seed. But you’re also eager to do things naturally. You’d love to harvest veggies that are pesticide-free, and you worry about the potential impact of pesticides on your family’s safety …

Your Own Herb Garden in Australia – Tips and Benefits

TIps for growing herbs in Australia - Bergamot

There’s just something magical-seeming about having your own herb garden. And Australians aren’t immune. But is herb gardening really practical? Let’s look at the benefits and practicalities of having your own herb garden – and what it takes to achieve this. The bottom line? Herb gardening is among the easiest and most useful hobbies – …