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Your guide to growing Beefsteak Tomatoes


Have you ever bought tomatoes that were all juice and no flavour? Tired of soggy sandwiches and watery sauces? Homegrown tomatoes are the answer for many Australian gardeners – and beefsteak tomatoes are the ones to choose if you’re hoping for meaty tomatoes with a mild tang that’s nevertheless distinctively “tomato”. This article is your …

New in the Seeds of Plenty Veggie Patch

New in the Seeds of Plenty Veggie Patch

We’re super-excited about the new additions to our range of seeds. They include some really unusual vegetable varieties to spice up your gardening experience and your culinary experiments. There are also some good, old-fashioned surprises. Have you ever tried to grow sugar beet? It’s a fascinating plant, and I’m looking forward to discovering if it’s …

6 Best Nasturtiums to Grow in Australia

6 Best Varieties Of Nasturtium to Grow in Australia

Home gardeners can generally be divided into two broad categories. Those who grow plants for their bounty and those who grow them for their beauty. Gardeners that grow crops for their bounty are more concerned about having plants that can supplement their meals. On the other hand, home gardeners that grow plants for their beauty …