Hello Gardening World, and welcome to the very first edition of the Seeds of Plenty Gardening Journal/blog very creatively named Dan’s Garden Blog after yours truly the proprietor of Seeds of Plenty and aspiring gardener and writer to boot.

I’m no farmer and no garden guru, but what I might lack in knowledge I make up for in endurance, enthusiasm and a little pig headedness. Our block where the garden is located is not small at 1000 square meters, but it’s not big either and it’s not ideal veggie growing habitat by a long shot. If you know Eltham, it’s hilly, there’s trees everywhere and the soil is so bad that our local Shire is called Nillumbik from the Aboriginal word nyilumbik meaning bad, stupid or red earth. Getting a garden going here and growing crops through to maturity is going to be a real challenge. And whilst there is no guarantee of success, my philosophy is trying in the knowledge that you could fail is always entertaining at the least and a lot better than not trying at all.

Dan’s Garden Blog is really my medium to tell the story of my garden and of our business at Seeds of Plenty. It runs parallel with our Seeds of Plenty Blog which deals with gardening topics and customer questions and they both have the same aims. I say aims in plural because obviously I want people to read the blogs and buy our seeds. But this blog and this business is also about helping people to do something I think is rewarding and pleasurable and that’s gardening! in whatever form you choose to do it.

So enough of this mumbo jumbo, this is my life, this is what I believe stuff. I hope you learn something, buy our seeds, and most of all get inspired to garden yourself. Comments and feedback are also always welcome and please join our newsletter mailing list for shameless promotions and helpful gardening tips.

Happy Gardening

These images are of the garden when we got here. The plan is to extensively renovate this in order to grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplants this summer. Hopefully you will see it looking a bit better over the next few months.

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